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An Overview of Bareboat and Crewed Catamaran Chartering: Your Perfect Catamaran Charter Vacation

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Why Charter a Catamaran?

The Catamaran Charter is our fastest growing type of charter, and for good reason. Read our blog for more information on the advantages! Key benefits of a catamaran are:

  • Great views from the spacious Salon
  • Excellent sun decks for easier, more comfortable lounging on deck
  • Fewer stairs and less separation between the cockpit and the galley
  • Reduced seasickness (cats don't roll as much as a monohull)
  • More private sleeping quarters (cabins are separated from each other in the hulls)
  • Easier to navigate in shallow water
  • A feeling of being "on top of the world" when in the Salon
Reap the benefits of a Catamaran on your next Charter

Crewed vs Bareboat Catamaran Charter

Depending on the type of sailing you want to do, we offer a choice of both bareboat (no skipper or crew - you sail it yourself) and crewed catamarans. We recommend a crewed catamaran if you want a relaxing holiday with all the amenities and the feeling of being on a great sailboat without having to do all of the work. Crewed catamarans generally come with a knowledgeable skipper and hostess who's entire life revolves around the boat. They understand the region and the waters, know how to get the most out of your time with them, and are dedicated to your comfort and satisfaction.

If you want the thrill of sailing and are willing to skipper yourself, you'll want a bareboat catamaran. Bareboating a catamaran with 2-3 couples can make for an amazing holiday when you have one qualified sailor in the group and the rest are willing to pitch in. There's no one else to worry about and you are totally in control of your holiday. Note, you will generally need to show a certificate of sailing competance or documetation of previous charters to charter bareboat.

Relax on your catamaran's trampoline
The dream!

Chartering a Catamaran with Boatbookings

Boatbookings has catamarans to fit all of your needs. We listen to your requirements, recommend a selection of catamarans that fit, and then narrow it down to the best choice for you. In many cases we've been on the boat and know the crew and charter operator on a first name basis. We provide unbiased advice because we don't actually own the boats, therefore we don't have to "push" one that may not suit. We are your personal charter agent - our service is free and the price is guaranteed best. And you have no obligation until you sign a contract.

There are two easy ways to get started with us, simply click below to see our catamarans and then narrow the search for your desires, or simply ask us to do it by clicking the button on the right.

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Catamaran Interiors and Layouts

It is the interior space and layout of a catamaran that distinguishes it from other yachts. Below are the layouts of some of our most popular Catamarans to give you a good feel for the comparative floor plans, living and sleeping space in order to help you determine the right catamaran for you.

3 Cabin Layout

All 3 cabins have great privacy, and captain's cabin becomes a true suite, with a private head and plenty of room.

An example of a 3 cabin catamaran layout

4 Cabin Layout

Each cabin has excellent privacy, either sharing a head with one other, or each having an ensuite.

An example of a 4 cabin catamaran layout

5-6 Cabin Layout

Larger catamarans, of around 52' and above are known to have 5 or 6 cabins for guests, as well as addditional 'hidden' cabins for crew.

An example of a 5 cabin catamaran layout

You can easily search for catamarans in specific locations by “number of cabins” desired on our search page to see all of our boats available with the number of cabins you require. Alternatively you can also search for the “number of passengers” (make sure if you want a skipper that you count him/her as a passenger)

Our Catamarans

Now that you know the basics - click on the links below to find the cat for you in your region!

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